Where should we send your guide?

Where should we send your guide?


Use this second part of our three-guide series to get customers to commit to their goals, grow your relationship with them, and turn them into long-term clients, and you’ll be well on your way to turning your fitness business into a marketing machine!


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Download our guide on how to Turn Your Fitness Business into a Marketing Machine: Part 2 and discover:

The limiting belief you'll need to overcome so that you can crush your sales goals

Grow your fitness business and create the life you want.



You could have the best fitness marketing systems in the world, but none of that matters if you can’t convert prospects to customers… and customers into long term clients… when they walk through your door.

But how do you get people to give you money without coming across as a slimy used car salesman?

And how do you build strong relationships with new customers and turn them into happy, long-term committed clients?

If you can’t hit your sales numbers or are struggling with retention, don’t fret: you, too, can close sales so you can lead prospects down the path to hitting their goals, improving their health, and ultimately, transforming their lives.

How to provide more value and better serve your client through upselling (which will also increase your bottom line)

A proven 7.5-step sales conversion system you need to master

Why automation trips up the referral-gathering process

The best way to set expectations for your clients in their first 30 days

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“The good news is that with an effective business plan, you will KNOW where you will be challenged. Use this guide to IDENTIFY and PLAN for the challenges you will face, so you won’t get blindsided and so you’ll be able to consistently grow your fitness business with a lot less stress and fewer crisis moments. When you plan for success you can spend more time having fun and enjoying the journey.”

Sean Greeley


Learn how to turn your fear of sales into a proven sales process that’ll help you get and keep happy clients.

Turning Lukewarm Prospects Into Long-term, Committed Clients That Crush Their Fitness Goals.

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