Create the freedom you’ve always wanted with your fitness business.

Build a team that allows you the freedom to step out of day-to-day operations.

Consistently attract and keep
top-paying clients who stay for years.

Take home a six-figure salary and start creating the life you want.

But you face new challenges:

You may struggle to have the right people, with the right mindset, in the right place to continue growing your business.

You may be disillusioned with your team, may find leading people to be difficult, and may even be unsure you have what it takes to keep growing the business.

You may think it seems impossible to develop team members who care about the business as much as you do.


Our Coaching Process

What the NPE PRO™ program includes

You'll get one-to-one coaching with one of our NPE fitness business experts

You'll get access to two live mastermind events each year

We'll train two of your staff members in our program strategies and tools

We'll provide you with access to our group coaching calls in a workshop format

You'll receive free tickets to NPE workshops and conferences each year

Tanja Shaw
Ascend Fitness, Inc.
Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Result: Modest startup, but became open to greater possibilities. Now has staff of seven and $60k/month.

Tanja Shaw started out as an independent personal trainer and did some bootcamps. She started with NPE in 2011 and has grown through every stage of fitness business growth.

By 2015, she hit $192,000 in annual net profit and hit $55k-$60k a month in revenue by 2017. She now manages a staff of six coaches and one office manager.

“In business, you don’t know what the possibilities are until you are in a room with other people who are where you want to be. Coaches can push you and can drive you and can show you that this is possible and this is how we get there. 

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the day-to-day stuff that we forget to look up, and grow forward. And NPE has really done that for me. I never want to arrive. I’ve fallen in love with this journey.”

Shannon Dykman
Wichita, KS, USA

Result: Inconsistency in revenue radically corrected by clarified goals and new tools.

Shannon came to NPE in 2014. He wanted to add consistency to his average monthly revenue of $60k and need an outside perspective on what it would take to grow.

By 2017, he had moved to consistently more than $100k a month. He has grown a 12-person team that is trained to close sales and consistently take on more day-to-day operations.

“I have come a long way since starting with NPE, thanks to the NPE coach for support and guidance along the way and thanks to this wonderful NPE community that is so open and willing to share ideas.”

“When I got into NPE, I started to invest in myself in terms of my mindset. I decided that it was time to get away from calling myself a trainer. I’m a fitness business owner and manage a staff of seven, focusing on the growth of the business and really becoming a leader."

Brady Johnson
Encompass Fitness
Estevan, SK, Canada

Result: From wanting to shut down to more than $400k annual revenue in two years.

Brady Johnson started out with a small studio that was barely getting by. Down to just five clients and with no staff, she was ready to close the doors in 2014.

Instead, she joined NPE. Since then, she has steadily grown Encompass Fitness. Instead of five clients, she has more than 180. She has a staff of two full-time and two part-time employees to handle more and more of the day-to-day operations, and her business continues to grow.

Brady regularly hits targets around $35k per month, and was 2016 Client of the Year. Now she is inspired by new goals: She wants to help other women become entrepreneurs in rural communities who don’t have access to education.

She credits a mindset change with turning her business around. “I had to let go of the person I thought I was to become the person I wanted to be,” she said.


They turned around their businesses, now you can, too

Join us. Here are a few success stories from our clients:

It’s time to get results through other people.

There’s only so much you can do yourself, so your vision to reach more clients will require others to join your efforts.

If you succeed, you’ll be able to impact more clients’ lives than ever before.

Unclear goals and 
difficulty communicating …

The more you say, “I can just do it better, myself,” the worse the business situation will get.

Instead, you’ll have to clearly communicate your goals to them.

You’ll need to get their buy-in.

And ultimately, yes, you’ll need to lead them in a way that inspires them to achieve results needed for success.

Your business is successful …

It can seem odd to build a successful business only to find a new set of challenges.

You end up tied to the job and don’t have the freedom you want for family, friends, vacations, and to pursue long-ignored interests and hobbies.

We can guide you through these challenges

We know a path that works. It has worked for thousands of other fitness business owners.

It can take you from being an overworked business operator to a business owner with time and financial freedom.

We’ve guided fitness business owners to new levels of success over and over again

NPE is the leading fitness business coaching company for business owners to grow their business and create the life they want.  
Since 2006, we've racked up the following achievements:

Our proven, long-term fitness business success process includes: 

Clarify your vision

Do you know where you want to go in your fitness business? 

Not just survive. Not just get by. Not settle. 

We mean do you know where you REALLY want to go? 

Getting clear on your vision is the first step of the NPE coaching process.

Assess where you are now

Determine where you are now.

Get a clear understanding of what is working and what isn’t in each area of your business.

Based on those answers, identify priorities and define what counts as success.

Once you know where you are and where you want to go, together we’ll come up with a step-by-step plan to move forward in each area of your business. 

Take action

Knowledge isn’t enough. Action is key.

You’ll get the systems, tools—and most important—the support you need to succeed.

You will study core modules in multiple areas of business and personal development. You’ll then implement proven systems and tools in each area of your business.

And get challenged to become your best by coaches with a proven track record of success.

Over the past 11 years, we’ve developed proven systems and tools we share with our clients to grow in all areas of their businesses. In the NPE PRO™ program:

You'll gain access to a network of like-minded business owners from across the world

Can you commit to doing what it takes?

This program isn’t for everyone. NPE PRO™ is only for people who are ready to lead their teams to new levels of success. If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you.

Apply to our NPE PRO™ program if you have the following:

You have $25,000 or more in current monthly revenue.
You are willing to grow yourself to create a team that supports your clients and business in day-to-day operations
You are committed to long-term success and not looking for a quick monetary fix
You are open to narrowing your focus to increase your net profit
You are ready to build a company driven by purpose and fueled with a strategic plan.

Success comes from doing what others aren’t willing to do — in this case, to learn what you need to learn and to do what you need to. That is what will separate you from fitness business owners whose business hit the wall and stop growing.

Only you can make the commitment to your business, to yourself, your loved ones, and your future. 

Unsuccessful results ...
Don’t let this happen to you


That’s what happens if a fitness business owner doesn’t make the leap to the next level.

The staff churns, so you pay the time, energy and expense of recruiting, hiring, and training staff—only to have them leave again. They then complain online.

You keep getting pulled back onto the floor, are forced to make decisions down to the most basic level of the organization, and can’t take a holiday (ever).

You may even feel a prisoner to a business you once loved.

If these overwhelming business demands continue, you could face negative consequences to your relationships and health.

What success looks like

The joy of freedom.

That’s the biggest emotion at the NPE PRO™ level.

Everything doesn’t stop because you need to make a decision.

Staff can handle day-to-day operations, and not only that, the business actually grows when you’re not present. Your staff is empowered to make decisions--they are trained as you’d want them trained.

And you’ll have greater confidence in your own abilities to lead, and your own mastery of the management and financial systems necessary to continue to expand. 

You will get the systems and tools you need.

You will get the support from coaching and from the NPE community at your level (and above).

And then the change starts happening … more clients, more sales, more profits … and more freedom.

You’ll also have greater range of freedom in what you choose to do next.

You’ll be able to spend more time with family and friends, and to pursue other interests.

Having taken your business to this level, you’ll be excited about what the future brings.

What the future feels like


Make the commitment and achieve your goals.


One of our coaches will visit your facility and spend a day with you and your staff

When you can’t create clarity for others, you can’t lead your team to solve problems on their own

But you still have to be there constantly and don’t yet have the freedom you want.

Assess where you are now

What’s next?

Hit the apply button, fill out the application, and speak to a NPE team member to take the next step in growing your business and creating the life you want.


Lead a team to grow your fitness business

NPE CEO Sean Greeley encourages NPE PRO™ clients to ask the hard questions, so they can get the freedom they want while their businesses continue to thrive.

NPE PRO™ client Evans Armantrading, Jr. faced foreclosure, was $40k in personal debt, and had a business that was stuck. He joined NPE, and two years later he has a thriving business and is debt free.

NPE PRO™ client Brady Johnson went from zero to $400k after 2 years, and continues to grow her business.

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