Industry Leaders Share Their Secrets, Strategies, And Step-By-Step Systems To Turn Your Fitness Passion Into A Highly Profitable Business!

About the “Secrets To Their Fitness Business Success” Podcast

Fitness industry leaders and top business owners from around the world sit down with NPE Founder & CEO Sean Greeley to share their secrets, strategies, and step-by-step systems to turn your fitness passion into a highly profitable business! Since 2006, NPE has supported 45,000+ fitness entrepreneurs in 96+ countries with increasing their profits, revenue, and happiness with their business. Learn how to grow your business and create the life you want.

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Ep. 15 – Josh Leve – AFS: The #1 Fitness Industry Association for Studio...

An interview with Josh Leve, Founder & CEO of the Association of Fitness Studios

Ep. 14 – Kate Laird – THRIVING during COVID-19

How Kate Laird has grown her business by 31% over the past 3 weeks.

Ep. 13 – Dave Olsen & Shane Rowley with Nimbl – Fitness Finance: Don’t...

Ask for help and get accurate numbers to make good business decisions

Ep. 12 – Len Fridman – If Someone Else Has Done It, You Can...

How Len Fridman followed his passion from starting a bootcamp in the park, to developing a fitness marketing company, and eventually co-founding WellnessLiving

Ep. 11 – Nancy Townsend – Resilience Wins: Stay Strong With Whatever Comes At...

How Nancy Townsend grew from mobile trainer to successful studio owner generating $34k/month

Ep. 10 – Josh Cherry and Robby Marlow – From Bootcamp in the Park...

How Josh Cherry & Robby Marlow Empower Women With Delta Life Fitness

Ep. 9 – Jason DeBruler – Next Generation Fitness

How ARX is innovating the most profitable and efficient business model in the fitness industry.

Ep. 8 – Paul McIlroy – Strengthen Your Weaknesses To Ascend To The Next...

How Paul McIlroy Created (and Continues Innovating) The World’s #1 Body Transformation Program

Ep. 7 – Sara Kooperman, JD – Whatever Happens… Smile and Keep Going!

How Sara Kooperman Broke The Glass Ceiling and Became One Of the Top Female Entrepreneurs in the Fitness Industry