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Increase Your Client Base, Revenue, and Profits

Breakthrough systems to grow your fitness business to the next level!
Hosted By:
Sean Greeley
NPE Founder & CEO
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Enjoy this free business guide, “Grow Beyond Trading Time for Money: How to Navigate the Journey From Fitness Coach to Business Owner.” This guide includes additional tools and resources you can use to grow from a stressed and pressured coach to a successful fitness business owner.

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The most successful fitness professionals and business owners reach a point where their time and energy are MAXED OUT!

There’s simply no more capacity to continue growing their business. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

So even though they want more out of their fitness business, they don’t have the capacity or capability to continue increasing total client numbers.

They’re frustrated and overwhelmed learning all the new skills required to grow further and are afraid of losing personal income (if they take on the liability of staff payroll and leasing their own space).

They’re nervous about turning their clients over to anyone else, because there’s a big risk their clients might leave (because up until now THEY are the business).

And when there is some inevitable wobble in the business (some clients drift away, maybe the coach you hired doesn’t work out) then profits start to shrink, the hours required to sustain things become too much, and before you know it… cash flow gets tight.

It’s at this point that being a fitness business owner truly feels overwhelming.

What was once an exciting journey of starting and owning your own business now feels hard, difficult, and painful.

And it’s both frustrating and intimidating learning all the new skills required to continue growing your business at this stage.

What should you do?

Will Facebook ads be the answer to generate quick cash flow to solve your problems?

Do you invest in new technology that might solve (some of) your problems?

When should you hire more people to get help?

Will you have to earn less with the hope that you’ll (eventually) earn more?

What if you do and things don’t work out?

Are you prepared to take on that financial risk and pressure?

Do you have a clear plan of how to manage your risk (and ensure your success)?

Can you really find other coaches who will look after your clients as well as you do? And will your clients even want to train with anyone else but you?

These are the very real and significant challenges fitness business owners must solve at this stage to continue growing.

Fortunately, the good news is you can (and will) solve all of them and continue growing with the right systems, tools, and support around you.

Learn the path forward and how to grow from a stressed and pressured coach to a successful fitness business owner with this webinar, Increase Your Client Base, Revenue, and Profits.

Register for this webinar and discover:

  • Key strategies and step-by-step systems to increase your total client base, revenue, and profits month-over-month
  • A 5-step process for building a team that cares about serving your clients and business as much as you do (to ensure your continued growth)
  • What you MUST do to create a balance between your business and personal life (so you can truly enjoy your success)
  • And much, much more.

This webinar will show you how to infuse more cash flow into your business, increase profits to support continued growth, and get back more time to look after your personal relationships and health.

Don’t continue grinding away (and eventually burn out) working both in and on your business while your health and relationships suffer. Register for this webinar and learn how to go from stressed and pressured coach to successful business operator with more profits, time, and freedom.

— Sean Greeley

Listen to what other fitness professionals, business owners, and industry leaders from around the world have to say about their results with NPE:

"I don’t do business coaching because there are other people that do, and they do it well, and they do it as well as I do nutrition, and that’s where I want to send people. That’s why we have the NPE partnership."

"That’s why I refer fitness professionals to NPE. And I’m proud to do it because NPE is doing work that they should be proud of, and I think the industry can be proud of … and that is reliable … reproducible … high quality … and that’s what I try to do with Precision Nutrition. So when I see another company that is doing that, I want to get to know them, and if it makes sense and I feel they are living the same kind of principles, I want to send people to them."

- John Berardi, Co-founder, Precision Nutrition & Change Maker Academy, United States

“If you are an entrepreneur in the world of fitness and you are struggling in any manner with your business, then I would recommend NPE and Sean Greeley as your ‘go-to-guys.’ Many of our certified instructors have seen their businesses grow exponentially thanks to Sean’s expertise. Whatever aspect of your fitness enterprise you need help with, the signposts all point to NPE and Sean Greeley.”

- Paul Chek, Founder, C.H.E.K Institute, United States

NPE showed me systems and we grew. Even though I was stressed out, they said the answer to your stress is systems. My wife and I are now completely debt free, with $80k in savings, and our business is debt free… we doubled our revenue in three years to more than $400k, just with the NPE tools I was able to apply.

- Evans Armantrading, Jr., CNU Fit, Dover, DE, United States

“We bring the best in the fitness industry together. We’re committed to helping more fitness professionals and business owners learn the business strategies, systems, and skills they need to succeed. That’s why we’re proud to refer the canfitpro community to NPE.”

- Maureen Hagan, Vice President for Innovation & Program Development, canfitpro, Canada

“I can’t even begin to describe the success that I’ve had … I got to the point where I couldn’t take on any more clients and needed to hire staff. In one month, I brought in 19 new clients. My classes were full.”

- Brady Johnson, Encompass Fitness, Estevan, SK, Canada

“Fitness Australia empowers its members to engage more Australians in quality health and fitness services. NPE empowers fitness professionals and business owners to grow and create the life they want. Together, our mission is to make you the best fitness professional you can be and be able to do so for a long time.”

- Bill Moore, Fitness Australia, Australia

"I started implementing NPE systems and ran a heap of campaigns. And we had a massive growth year. It was a crazy amount. We went from $18,000 a year to $160,000 a year in revenues -- in one year.

- Jim Ridley, CrossFit Armidale, Armidale, NSW, Australia

We used all of the tools that NPE gave us, and great things started happening. Our numbers of clients and revenues went up, and the figures matched what we predicted on the spreadsheets. That allowed me, when we got too big for our current location, to take the risk to open up a much larger facility. Now I am franchising my fitness business as I raise my family.

- Karry Summers, Altitude Pole & Fitness, Christchurch, New Zealand

“It was scary to bring people in to help you grow your business. NPE went on my personal credit card. In hindsight, I didn’t have the money to afford that, and if you look at the numbers, you ask, how was it going to pay for itself? But it’s all about taking calculated risks. I have grown 10 times my monthly revenues in less than a year. I can now service my debt. I can now pay myself wages. And I can see a way forward and have big plans for the future.”

- Craig Culkin, The Rock Fitness, St. Helier, Jersey, United Kingdom

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