Where do you start?

It’s one thing to attract some clients and start coaching them. 

It’s another to run a successful fitness business. 

Running a business (one that lasts) requires a whole different set of skills.

You’ve got to think about: 

• Where to find leads for new clients

• How to help clients commit to their goals

• How to charge what you’re worth

• How to find clients you’ll love to work with 

• And a lot more. 

You’ve got to learn all the business skills on the fly … and with your own money and time and energy at stake.


Our Coaching Process

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Jennette Holzworth
5:17 Total Body Transformations Campbell, CA

Result: More than tripled her sales in just 5 months

Jennette Holzworth was an independent personal trainer. She had a great idea for a fitness business, but didn’t know how to achieve her vision. 

She found numbers and details frustrating. Her business stumbled out of the gate, and she thought about shutting down.

One day, she met an NPE client who recommended us to her. She recommitted to her business, signed up and did the work her NPE coached suggested. Result: She more than tripled her sales in the first five months (from less than $2k to $6k.)

“The biggest thing I have taken away from having NPE as a coach is having a network of other people–the NPE community–that gets me ‘off the island’ and realize my own potential. And that’s what I tell my clients all the time … that you’re better when someone is pushing you.”

Johnny Barrera
B-FIT Personal Training
Tyler, TX

Result: Boosted monthly revenue 30% higher in 10 months

Johnny Barrera found his business struggling to pay the bills. He signed up for NPE and implemented the proven systems. Result: He boosted his monthly revenue 30% in 10 months.  

“Our coach has been helping us with marketing,” Johnny said. “Facebook marketing. Internal marketing. Referral marketing.”

They are looking up from the grindstone for the first time in years. They are looking forward to spending more time for themselves and their family and to not spending all their time on the business.

“We were pulling out our hair. There needed to be money in the bank to pay the rent. There needed to be money in the bank to make payroll… Now as an NPE client, we don’t have to stress every day about making ends meet.”

Suzy Kaitman
Ballet Lounge, Ltd.
Vancouver, B.C. CANADA

Result: 10 times recurring revenue in 6 months

Suzy Kaitman had planned to go out on her own for 10 years. She got a business loan, and started up her vision of a unique blend of personal training workouts and ballet. Her business quickly fell into debt, and she found herself working constantly and falling further and further behind.

She joined NPE and implemented new systems across the board. She made the commitment, did the hard work, and in short order, was seeing amazing results. A flash campaign saved her business, and she grew from there, going from $1,700 to $17,000 a month in recurring revenue in just 10 months.

“I was charging less than other fitness studios because I was new and wanted to break into the market at a competitive rate. I am now charging more than some of my competitors thanks to NPE, who helped me realize that I offer a unique and high quality customer experience.”


They turned around their businesses, now you can, too

These people made the commitment, did the work, and used NPE systems and tools.

Now they have joined our large, growing community of successful fitness business owners--people who have made the journey from struggling startup operator to a small business owner running a fitness business that has a solid foundation to grow.

With your energy focused in the right direction, you can go from a struggling fitness professional to a successful coach running a growing fitness business.

Build a client base.

Starting a business is the beginning of an exciting journey. 

You get to do what you love—delivering fitness programs to your clients.

You get to coach people into making real changes in their lives, and see how satisfied that makes them. 

You start to take control over your own destiny, except … 


What gets in the way of success?

You may not know what to do or where to go to start finding new clients.

You may be scared you’re not good enough to charge clients to work with you.

And you may even believe you haven’t suffered enough and don’t deserve to be successful yet.

But with the right tools, systems, resources, and coaching, you will go from struggling to successful coach with a solid foundation to develop a successful business.

It shouldn’t be this hard, but it is

Fitness business ownership will test you over and over again.

A year of training people on your own will require you to develop new skills and not give you a lot of time to learn them. Personal weaknesses often get exposed, and you need to grow in those areas.

Many people don’t think running a fitness business would be this difficult, but it is.

It’s also REALLY rewarding—as rewarding as you think it can be—if you can grow through the obstacles. 

We’ve felt it, we’ve heard it, and we’ve seen people
(get crushed and) crush it.

We want fitness business owners to overcome the obstacles that are stopping them from achieving their goals.

We know how frustrating it can be to start up a fitness business. We know the fear of the unknown, the long hours, and the wishing that the business would turn the corner faster.

But we also know the rewards, too, of overcoming the obstacles (and the fears)!

Running a fitness business is an exciting journey. There’s nothing like it.

When you are starting and growing a fitness business, you’ll benefit from business coaching. Our proven, long-term fitness business success process includes:

Can you commit to doing what it takes?

This program isn’t for everyone. NPE FAST-TRACK™ is for people who are ready to make serious commitments to themselves and to their businesses. If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you.

Apply to our NPE FAST-TRACK™ program if you have the following:

• $2,500-$8,000 in current monthly revenue
• Willingness to generate $10,000+ in monthly revenue
• Your main service is delivered in person, although you can have an online component as long as it’s not your main focus
• Access to capital to support no additional revenue for the first 45 days
• You are 100% committed to growing your business and to being coachable
• You know what service you want to provide—you can communicate your training philosophy and process
• You can use technology—you have a working knowledge of email, calendar, social media and a willingness to learn.

Success comes from doing what others aren’t willing to do — in this case, to learn what you need to learn and to do what you need to. That is what will separate you from the also-rans, the dreamers, and the idle hopers.  

Only you can make the commitment to your business, to yourself, your loved ones, and your future. 

Unsuccessful results ...
Don’t let this happen to you

What happens if a fitness business owner doesn’t put in place a solid foundation to grow, only makes a half-hearted commitment, or shies away from the challenge when the going gets tough? 

Their business’s revenue never grows significantly. 

The debt they racked up never gets paid off. 

The fitness business owner gets burnt out from the grind of training (especially split shifts). Clients can tell the owner is unhappy and stressed out, and they leave. 

And the fitness business owner ends up leaving the fitness industry for another career path, and gives up the dream.

What success looks like

If you make the commitment and put in the time, here’s what you can expect:

You’ll learn a proven sales and marketing system that is completely transformative.

You will stop being afraid of sales and stop being afraid to ask for what you are worth.

You will get the tools you need.

You will get the support from coaching and from the NPE community, so you know you aren’t alone.

And then the change starts happening … more clients, more sales, more profits.

What the future feels like


Make the commitment and achieve your goals.


What’s next?

Hit the apply button, fill out the application, and speak to a NPE team member to take the next step in growing your business and creating the life you want.

Create the foundation to grow beyond yourself.


Your shortcut to fitness business growth

NPE CEO Sean Greeley encourages NPE FAST-TRACK™ clients to ask the hard questions, so they can get the freedom they want while their businesses continue to thrive.

Suzy Kaitman saved her business by increasing recurring revenue 10x. Her achievement earned her honors as 2017 NPE Client of the Year for FAST-TRACK™.

Client of the Year Suzy Kaitman is now a confident fitness business owner.

Our clients report a fundamental mindset change.

They feel confident for the first time as a business owner, and that achievement reduces their stress level and feels great. They want to continue the process of personal and business growth.

They begin to feel excited about being a business owner. And their clients can tell. Their business grows.

We’ll provide you with done-for-you marketing campaigns

We'll give you access to our proven tools, templates, and technology

You’ll get access to lessons in the areas of personal development, sales & marketing, operations, and finance

You’ll gain access to a network of like-minded business owners from across the world

You’ll gain access to community forums where you can discuss industry-related topics

We’ll provide you with business health analysis reports

We’ll provide you with access to our group coaching calls in a workshop format

You’ll get one-to-one coaching with one of our fitness business experts

You'll get access to customizable files, templates, and documents

Over the past 11 years, we’ve developed proven systems and tools we share with our clients to grow in all areas of their businesses. In NPE FAST-TRACK™, you’ll get:

What the NPE FAST-TRACK™ program includes

We’ve guided fitness business owners to new levels of success over and over again

NPE is the leading fitness business coaching company for business owners to grow their business and create the life they want.
Since 2006, we've racked up the following achievements:

Clarify your vision

Do you know where you want to go in your fitness business? 

Not just survive. Not just get by. Not settle. 

We mean do you know where you REALLY want to go? 

Getting clear on your vision is the first step of the NPE coaching process.

Assess where you are now

Determine where you are now.

Get a clear understanding of what is working and what isn’t in each area of your business.

Based on those answers, identify priorities and define what counts as success.

Once you know where you are and where you want to go, together we’ll come up with a step-by-step plan to move forward in each area of your business.

Take action

Knowledge isn’t enough. Action is key.

You’ll get the systems, tools—and most important—the support you need to succeed.

You will study core modules in multiple areas of business and personal development. You’ll then implement proven systems and tools in each area of your business.

And get challenged to become your best by coaches with a proven track record of success.

Build a client base

Pay yourself every month

Create a foundation to grow beyond yourself