Here Karry recounts how NPE helped her take the steps that turned around her business and how one success after another grew her confidence in her ability to get results. After 17 months as an NPE client, both her studios now make a 40% net profit. Revenues have more than tripled. And starting at 50 members, she now has 315. As a result, NPE clients in the Asia-Pacific region have voted her 2017 NPE Asia-Pacific Client of the Year.
Hear Erin tell her whole amazing story, how she doubled her initial goals (and shortened her time frame to achieve them), and why she was a finalist for 2017 NPE Client of the Year in the FAST-TRACK™ program.
Joe De Sena is the CEO/co-founder of long-distance obstacle/endurance courses Spartan Race. He is an ultramarathon runner who left a securities-brokerage career to pursue his passion for getting people off the couch and into engaging physical fitness. He believes our contemporary lifestyle is lowering our pain expectations. Fitness involves pain, which leads to changing lives.
Jose Briceno, owner of LUX Personal Training, Clarks Summit, PA, is 2017 NPE Client of the Year for the VIP ACADEMY™ group. Jose first met up with NPE at a previous employer. He implemented the AUTO-CLOSER® sales system and that boosted his sales. Later, he started his own business, and joined NPE right from the beginning. Starting with just three clients and minimal revenue in July 2015, he took that to more than $100,000 a year by July 2016. (His revenues have since doubled again.)
My wife and I are completely debt free, and our business is debt free as well. Just with the NPE tools I was able to apply,” explains Evans Armantrading, owner of CNU Fit (pronounced seeing-you-fit), Dover, DE. Evans is 2017 NPE Client of the Year for the PRO™ group. Evans is a military veteran who became a successful sales executive. In 2009, his employer went bankrupt. He struggled to find other work (especially work he felt passionate about). His house went into foreclosure and eventually had to be sold, he had $40k in personal debt, and his family expenses were increasing. He started training people in their homes, then got a small studio, and later a larger one. In the past three years, Evans has been part of three NPE programs.
Suzy Kaitman, owner of The Ballet Lounge, Vancouver, BC, earned 2017 NPE North America Client of the Year for the VIP FAST-TRACK™ group. Suzy’s story is amazing and starts with her fulfilling a 10-year dream by opening her own fitness studio. She had planned for years, but cost overruns and a lack of recurring revenue led her deep into debt (and stress). Here she explains how she used NPE systems, tools, and community to create steady sources of income, including increasing her recurring monthly revenue tenfold in under a year! (The success reduced her stress, too.)
A Division I discus thrower, a weightlifter, Highland Games competitor, and Weight Pentathlon record holder, Dan John is a best-selling expert on fitness and performance. His story includes overcoming a grisly wrist injury. He has a unique simple-but-not-easy approach of doing what is necessary, and that “more” is not always productive, just more.
Australian professional beach volleyball player and 2000 Olympic gold medalist Kerri Pottharst offers her insights into winning at the world-class level. Those insights included recovery from a serious injury, what rehabilitation takes, life in an Olympic Village, and how some of the world’s greatest athletes engage in disciplined eating and then gorge after their events are over.
NPE CEO Sean Greeley believes all problems are leadership problems. In this keynote address, he shares his insights into the self-awareness necessary to lead yourself and how that’s the foundation required before you can lead anyone else. Hear him explain how fitness business owners need to consistently work on developing their leadership skill sets, both for leading ourselves and leading others, because they will inevitably get stuck somewhere and -- developing leadership skills will get them “unstuck”.
Pete Cohen is a motivational speaker, former personal trainer, and serial entrepreneur who built a weight-loss program that he sold for £2.5 million. He credits coaching with helping him to overcome his fear of stepping out to take chances, setting the stage for his subsequent success.