From ‘Feeling Like a Volunteer’ To $30k/Month With 150 Clients

Business model: Group Training
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Modality: Gym & Training

Here’s what we cover:

1. How Shelly and Britt were suffering in personal relationships, finance, and business, and how they actually decided to close their business during Christmas 2017.

2. How they turned around and re-aligned their vision to lead their business to the next level after joining NPE.

3. How their business grew from making $10k per month with 65-80 clients in November 2017 to $20k per month with 110 clients in November 2018, and they are now consistently hitting $30k per month with 150+ clients.

4. How their lives changed from worrying what’s going to happen next year during the Christmas holidays to celebrating their success just 12 months later.

5. Their biggest challenges in leadership and overcoming the fear of not being “good enough” as business owners.

6. How they’ve worked through building a team that cares about their business as much as they do… and letting go of those who didn’t align with their vision and values.

7. Their biggest lessons in the past 18 months about how to better plan, follow the instructions, and implement to win.

Shelly and Britt’s #1 piece of advice:

Acknowledge that good coaches need a good coach, too. It’s not a failure but a smart decision.


Ric Isaac, Senior Success Coach
Ric has coached hundreds of fitness business owners and is passionate about helping other fitness professionals achieve business success. His business mission can be summed up as: “I am so passionate about assisting everyone to achieve the great success that I had using NPE’s tools and systems and to enjoy the financial rewards and the lifestyle benefits.”