From Working 16-hour Days Making $5k/Month To $26k/Month With A Growing Team

Business model: Group, Semi-Private,  Private
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Modality: Personal training, Functional Training

Here’s what we cover:

  1. How Megan struggled after ending a business partnership, was working a full time job, and trying to grow her studio
  2. How she and her husband were skeptical, but eventually decided to go “all in” joining the NPE ACADEMY Program
  3. What it’s like having her best month ever at more than $26k in revenue, hiring 7 team members, doubling her personal training side of her business, and having over 100 group members
  4. How Megan spends her time growing her business, working on her goals, increasing her revenue, and taking more time off (including just returning from a vacation to Bali)
  5. What it was like for her to make the switch from a sub-contract model to employee model, and how she manages her team effectively
  6. What contributed to her growth as a leader and business owner and how being a part of the NPE community has helped her as a sole owner of a business
  7. Her biggest challenges with changes and growth of her business and the impact of raising her rates (while facing the fear of losing clients!)
  8. How she worked through evolving her identity from fitness coach to business owner
  9. How Megan empowers and challenges her team, the importance of hiring the right people, and doing a “gut-check” with her team to align on the goals, vision, and mission of the business.

Megan’s  #1 piece of advice:

Get a coach who can guide you through the process and hold you accountable progressing toward your goals.