Grew Their Revenue 10x
From $5k To $50k!

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Business Name: Newport Strength
Business Model: Group, Semi-Private
Modality: Personal training
Location: Newport Beach, CA, USA

Chris and Sarah own Newport Strength and SoCal Weightlifting located in Newport Beach, CA. Since joining NPE, they’ve achieved 10x growth in the last two years, taking their group members from 20 to more than 150. Today, they’ve paid off debt they owe, are planning on buying a house, and are a lot more excited about their future both together and in the business.


Sara: Hi, I’m Sara.

Chris: And I’m Chris, and we own Newport Strength and SoCal Weightlifting. We’re located in Newport Beach, California.

Sara: With Newport Strength, we provide small-group personal training, and with SoCal Weightlifting Club, we provide Olympic weightlifting training. Since before we worked with NPE, we had a best month ever of about $5,000 in revenue, and since starting with NPE, we have grown to a best month ever of $50,000 in revenue. We regularly hit $35,000-$40,000 in revenue, which is something we never thought we could do before.

Chris: That’s a 10-times growth that we’ve had with NPE in the last two years. We’ve consistently been able to hit 10% in our profit margins year after year, and we’ve also taken our group members from 20 clients up past 150.

Sara: That has allowed us to get engaged; we’re looking at buying a house in the near future. We’ve paid off debt that we never thought we could pay off, and we’re just a lot more excited about our future.

Chris: Yeah, it’s truly remarkable, what we’ve been able to accomplish with NPE. We couldn’t have done it without the coaching and the guidance that they’ve provided us.