How Brian Went From Sleeping
At His Gym, To Business Success And Paying Himself A Salary

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Business Name: Dirigo Fitness
Business Model: Private, Semi-Private
Modality: Personal Training
Location: Falmouth, ME, USA

Brian owns Dirigo Fitness based out of Falmouth, Maine. Before working with NPE, Brian’s average monthly revenue was about $6,500 per month. Since working with NPE, he now pays himself more than that in personal income every month. Brian’s breakthrough moment was learning the value his service offers. With NPE’s support and coaching, Brian is now a successful business owner, able to spend more time with family, and he is not sleeping at his gym anymore. He never thought he’d make it as far as he did and is very excited for the future.


Hey, my name is Brian Ligotti. I own Dirigo Fitness; we are based out of Falmouth, Maine, and we specialize in one-on-one training and semi-private.

Before working with NPE, my average monthly revenue was about $6,500 per month. Since working with them, now I pay myself actually more than that. To be able to say that my salary now is more than what my entire gym was grossing in an entire month is pretty unbelievable, because I never thought I’d actually get there.

I also was able to grow my client load. I had about 60 people paying me, on average, $112 per month. Now we’re at 120 and the average client value is about $499.

More than anything, NPE has showed me the value that my service has to offer, and educated me around my own value. Because of their support and coaching, I’m a better father, I’m able to show up for family events (I don’t miss things anymore), I don’t have to sleep at my gym. I actually never thought I’d make it as far as I did, and I’m really glad that I made that decision to sign up with a maxed-out credit card.