From Hobby Job To Successful Pilates Business With 50+ Loyal Members

Business model:  Group training
Location: Holland Village, Singapore
Modality: Pilates

In this student interview, Ally Cannock shares how she grew her Pilates studio from ‘random actions and revenue’ to more than doubling the business while creating consistency and predictability in revenue (and personal income!). Here’s what we cover:

1. Where Ally was before she joined the NPE ACADEMY™ program
2. How she increased her self-awareness around areas of the business she didn’t understand, got clarity, set new goals and started moving forward in a powerful way
3. How she morphed from having a hobby business to employing staff and now able to go on vacation for a week with her family while the studio runs successfully (and keeps growing!)
4. How Ally grew from 20 randomly attending clients to 50+ loyal members
5. Lessons learned in facing ‘difficult conversations’ with top clients
6. How to raise your prices when you need to and why you don’t need to feel ashamed of looking after yourself and the business when you’re doing what is needed to ensure continued success for all
7. Why she is so committed to developing herself and the team to create the lifestyle she wants while helping more women improve their life

Ally’s  #1 piece of advice:

Make the commitment, believe in yourself, and trust (while following) the process!