How Aaron And Sam Went From Trainers In A 24/7 Big Box To Opening A Facility With 100 Clients

Business model: Group training, Personal training
Location: Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia
Modality: Functional training

Here’s what we cover:
1. Where Aaron and Sam were stuck before working with NPE
2. What their first few weeks were like going through the NPE ACADEMY™ program and how it was different to working with other coaching companies
3. How they took the leap of faith and made the decision to open their own facility… and then opened with 100 paying clients on day 1!
4. How they’ve continued to follow the systems we teach and now maxed out their facility capacity in 8 months
5. Aaron and Sam’s goals for the next 12 months and what they will achieve
6. The challenges they have faced with staff and how they overcame them (and have grown a strong team in the process)

Aaron and Sam’s  #1 piece of advice:

Face the fear and do it anyway, trust in process… it works!