How To Double Your Sales With Facebook Ads

At Delta Life Fitness Franchising, we generate more than 200 leads a week at $5/lead, and in this blog we want to share our proven 8-step ad creation and optimization process that works for our franchised locations – perhaps they will help you as well.

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Getting more leads is the #1 concern most fitness pros have and for good reason – doubling the number of leads can double your sales.

For instance, if every month your marketing brings in 45 leads and 15 (33%) of those leads sit down for a consult, with a 80% close rate you’ll gain 12 clients per month. Let’s assume you charge $150/month, that means for every new members you increase your sales by $1,800.

If you double the number of leads you can, if everything else holds constant, double your sales!


Between programming, managing staff, coaching, cleaning, fixing broken equipment, addressing client concerns, and managing the books, there’s little time left for networking, events, and handing out flyers.

That’s why most fitness professionals utilize Facebook ads – they’re low cost, effective, and you can do it anytime of day.

Back in 2010 all you needed to do was choose a picture, a call to action, set your at live and you’d get 100’s of leads.

However, Facebook has changed quite a lot in the past few years.

Between selecting the right campaign, targeting, fine tuning ad copy, making images on Canva, building landing pages and follow-up sequences, Facebook ads are anything but simple.

Not to mention, advertising on Facebook has become extremely competitive – According to Business Insider there are more than 5 million businesses advertising on Facebook each month, and that’s up from 4 million monthly advertisers just 7 months prior.

Despite the challenges and competitiveness Facebook is still a great tool and plenty of fitness business owners appear to do well with Facebook ads, so why can’t you?

To successfully run Facebook ads you need to know what variables deserve the most attention, how to read performance metrics, and what to do about it.

We are optimistic this cheat sheet will not only answer those questions but also change, and in some cases SAVE, your business.

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Knowing Facebook and Instagram require a lot of skill. We want our Franchisees to spend their time running successful businesses instead of learning digital marketing. That is why Delta Life Fitness creates, tests, and delivers Facebook ads into our franchisees accounts every month. Our Franchisees have more time, and have to worry less about lead generation.

Currently Delta Life’s marketing efforts generate more than 200 leads a week at about $5/lead. We open our studios with a minimum of 1,000 leads and between 60-100 members. Many of our studios have well over 200, some closer to 300, members which, according to Zenplanner’s most recent benchmark report, places Delta Life studios in the top 19% of boutique fitness studios, and most of those members came from Facebook Ads.

We do all of this through a simple Facebook optimization process that we want to share with you. We’ve created a Facebook Ad Cheat Sheet for you that displays our proven process and helps you achieve a higher ROI.

The Cheat Sheet is right for you if:

  • You want digital marketing for local membership-based studios
  • You want to consistently bring in high-quality leads every single month
  • You want a facebook ad solution that works

Here are few important highlights. The sheet will help you:

  1. Optimize the most important variables in running successful Facebook ads

  1. Identify how to properly target for a local audience
  2. Assess performance and optimise your ads – while it’s important to set up your ads properly, success or failure happens during the optimization process.
  3. And to make it extremely simple, we’ve included an optimization flow chart to make creating successful Facebook ads a simple as following the arrows.

You might also want to learn about other ways Delta Life Life Fitness supports it’s franchisees.

We’ve created so many systems and resources, like this cheat sheet, to help our franchisees spend less time learning Facebook advertising and more time running successful fitness businesses. We want to give you this one item for free, but if you want to learn more about franchising you will have that option as well.

If you want to increase leads and sales generated through Facebook advertising, click below to download the free Facebook Cheat Sheet today.

Download The Facebook Cheat Sheet Here »


Delta Life Fitness
Delta Life Fitness was founded by Josh Cherry and Robby Marlow in 2013. After joining NPE in 2014, they grew from park bootcamps with 5 people to a million dollar business with 850+ clients (and they’re still growing!). Today, Delta Life Fitness is women’s-only group training franchise with over 50 locations across the US.