Karry Levine – From Exhausted Software Engineer to Successful Pole Dance Studio Owner

Karry Levine, owner of Altitude Pole & Fitness in Auckland and Christchurch, NZ, was a world-class competitive pole dancer with two pole studios. She had grown her business over a few years and gained lots of clients, but she was working too many hours and generating little income. One studio was losing money; the other barely covered the losses.

Raising a young family and having given up a well-paying software engineer job to start her fitness business, she began to judge herself harshly about her business decisions.

Here Karry recounts how NPE helped her take the steps that turned around her business and how one success after another grew her confidence in her ability to get results. After 17 months as an NPE client, both her studios now make a 40% net profit. Revenues have more than tripled. And starting at 50 members, she now has 315. As a result, NPE clients in the Asia-Pacific region have voted her 2017 NPE Asia-Pacific Client of the Year.