Erin Howard –
How She Went From ‘Small, Limited Dreams’ To ‘Big Achievements’

If you want a crash course in getting an empowered mindset, watch Erin Howard, owner of Fitness Theory PT, Baldwin, MD, USA, tell her story. After years of working as a personal trainer and trying to run her own business, she had no family time, no freedom, no growth, no support … she felt stuck and exhausted all the time.

All she wanted was to support her family and do what she loved. That meant her business generating income of $4k a month and keep personal training. She joined NPE to help her get there, but was surprised that her coaches encouraged her to think bigger. She says her mindset’s turning point was in NPE’s FAST-TRACK’s “Getting Started” online course.

“All the reasons I had given for being satisfied with those small dreams were nonsense,” Erin says. “I was afraid of being a failure, and of what other people thought of me, so I thought if I made small dreams, I could accomplish them, and I could be successful.”

Hear Erin tell her whole amazing story, how she doubled her initial goals (and shortened her time frame to achieve them), and why she was a finalist for 2017 NPE Client of the Year in the FAST-TRACK™ program.

Erin is a member of the NPE FAST-TRACK™ program, where we help clients grow from $3k-$10k a month in revenue.