Evans Armantrading – From Deep-In-Debt To New Systems And Debt-Free

“My wife and I are completely debt free, and our business is debt free as well. Just with the NPE tools I was able to apply,” explains Evans Armantrading, owner of CNU Fit (pronounced seeing-you-fit), Dover, DE.

Evans is 2017 NPE Client of the Year for the PRO™ group. Evans is a military veteran who became a successful sales executive. In 2009, his employer went bankrupt. He struggled to find other work (especially work he felt passionate about). His house went into foreclosure and eventually had to be sold, he had $40k in personal debt, and his family expenses were increasing. He started training people in their homes, then got a small studio, and later a larger one. In the past three years, Evans has been part of three NPE programs.

In his story, he explains how with NPE’s help he boosted sales 30% in a 90-day period ($68,000 total) in the first program, increased his profits 24% in the second program, and has raised total sales and profitability in the third. “I am doing less work and making more money,” says Evans.