7 Questions To Find The Right Clients For Your Fitness Business

What type of clients is your fitness business going to serve?

Not knowing the answer to this question is a HUGE issue, because lack of clarity here will spread throughout your business and make everything else more difficult.

For example, selecting clients who aren’t available in enough quantities or not able to afford your services, your business won’t be able to get off the ground. Conversely, if you choose clients who can afford premium pricing and who are easy to reach, you’ll be wildly successful.  

Simply put: The type of clients you choose to serve will make or break the success of your business.

You started your business because you wanted to provide a great experience for clients and help them achieve their health and fitness goals. You cannot do that if you cannot send a clear message to them. And you cannot sent a clear message without knowing who they are.

Questions to ask yourself

The right clients are the cornerstone of a growing fitness business.

How do you decide the ideal clients for you?

To get your answer, ask yourself the following strategic questions:

  1. Who do I WANT to work with? Everyone runs into people who make you hate your own gym. You want clients who you love to help.
  2. Who do I have the ABILITY to help? You have a solution for them that will improve their lives so you want to work with people that are committed to implementing that change.
  3. Will I be solving a BIG problem for them? If you are just a luxury, you’re not going to attract enough customers to produce a net profit.  
  4. Will my target clients be able to AFFORD my price and be WILLING to pay it? Some people are willing to do what they need to do to meet their commitments. Others may be better off pursuing lower-cost options elsewhere.  
  5. Do my target clients exist in enough QUANTITY in the market? Once you’ve selected your target market, you’ve got to ensure you have enough people to potentially serve.  
  6. CAN I reach them? You can market to them. But they need to be able to hear your message.  
  7. Will I be COMPETITIVE in attracting these people? What are your clients’ alternatives? If they have no time to come to you, or they have lower-price alternatives, you won’t be competitive.

Every time you get a “no” answer means you are creating a problem for yourself down the road. Ideally, you want to answer yes seven times.

Questions to ask potential clients

Your next step: Get out in the market and talk to potential clients. We suggest you interview 10 potential ideal clients. You need to know your market, and you do that by having conversations.

Some starter questions:

  • What are the potential client’s’ current fitness goals?
  • What steps do they currently take to meet their fitness goals?
  • What are the challenges or obstacles do they face in meeting those?
  • What alternatives do they have to meet their goals?
  • What would success look like to them?

After you’ve interviewed your 10 people, go back and take a look at the answers to the seven questions you asked yourself. Compare their answers. See if the stories match one another.

If you’re satisfied with the answers, you’re ready for Step 2 of your fitness business plan. You have now set the stage for writing and executing a successful marketing plan in the future.

If you’re not satisfied, repeat the cycle. Take what you’ve learned and use it to identify a new target market.