3 Reasons A Great Client Experience Isn’t An Automatic Renewal

Deliver a great client experience, and the renewals will take care of themselves.

That’s the gut reaction of most fitness business owners.

But it’s a half-truth. Yes, you need to deliver on client experience.

But that only earns you the right to ask. And earning the right to ask isn’t the same as:

(1) Asking in the most effective, efficient way, and

(2) Getting to yes

Many fitness business owners, even ones that crush client experience, fall short on renewals:

  • They drop the ball seeking out feedback
  • They over-rely on automation
  • They don’t adequately track who’s up for renewals

Most important, they just don’t approach renewals in an effective and systematic way. Renewals, like sales, require you take certain steps–steps that make the difference between high renewal rates (that come with referrals) and mediocre, referral-free renewal rates.

Most fitness business owners already know they need renewals. But they often don’t realize just the steps they can take to make renewals more likely and how to get more of them… And they don’t understand what’s blocking them from getting more.

Key: If you are going to grow your business, you’ve got to retain your current customers and bring in new ones. If you fail to retain current customers, you’ll end up in grinding out business month-by-month.

Those are a few couple of reasons we’ve made renewals an essential part of our Fitness Business Marketing Lifecycle–a frontline-tested battle plan that has changed the lives of thousands of fitness business owners like yourself.

In our newest guide, Turn Your Fitness Business into a Marketing Machine, Part 3, we’ll get into what you need to know about renewals if your business is going to thrive.

Action steps

Remember: Client experience needs to be nailed down first. Renewals are endorsements. That’s why, in our 8-Step Fitness Business Marketing Lifecycle, we put renewals last. You crush the first steps, and you’ll be best-positioned to crush this last one, too.

If customer experience is there, you’re only halfway there: You don’t want to let renewal opportunities slip away.

Learn the most effective ways to increase your renewal rates (and generate more referrals, too!)

Click here to download Part 3 of our series, Turn Your Fitness Business Into a Marketing Machine. In this new guide, we outline an action plan to help you overcome obstacles and start increasing renewals. Inside you’ll discover:

  • The big blockers in getting renewals
  • The way to set up the renewal
  • Keys to making automated renewal programs work so you don’t over-rely on them
  • And much, much more …