The Free Resource You Already Have That’s (Probably) Under-Utilized

Want a free sales force?

Want someone else to sell for you?

Want someone else to get you hot leads, get contact info, pre-qualify, and then JUST HAND THE PROSPECT OFF TO YOU?

Good news: You can have all that. All you need are:

  1. Happy customers, and
  2. Better ways to engage them to deliver referrals.

Free Sales Force–For Those Who Unlock It

Happy customers amount to a free sales force. At most fitness businesses, that free sales force is just sitting there or is severely under-utilized.

Unlocking and maximizing that resource is one way our coaches have helped thousands of fitness business owners get far more referrals than they ever thought possible.

Most fitness business owners already know they need referrals. But they often don’t realize just how many referrals are available. And they don’t understand what’s stopping them from getting more.

That’s a couple of reasons we’ve made referrals an essential part of our Fitness Business Marketing Lifecycle–a frontline-tested battle plan that has changed the lives of thousands of fitness business owners like yourself.

Where It Goes Wrong

Many fitness business owners don’t have a system for referrals. They haven’t done the strategic thinking about how to attract their ideal clients. And they haven’t together the checklist of things they should do to execute the system to add rigor and accountability to their referrals process.

Result: They wait until referrals to “jump into the boat” and so don’t get many, and get them inconsistently. Or they get referrals that don’t match the kinds of clients they are trying to help. (That amounts to hurting your own process and doesn’t help the referring client, the prospect, or the business.)

Worse: Many of these fitness business owners have happy clients that would love to help them. These owners did the hard work of finding these clients and delivering a great client experience. But the lack of an effective system wastes those efforts when referral time comes.

The good news: We can introduce you to an effective system that will increase your referral rates.

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