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Since 2006, we’ve produced thousands of 6- and 7-figure businesses around the world. Read and watch reviews and case studies below from hundreds of our winning clients.

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Sarah and Scott Perry – They’ve raised recurring revenue 7X in just 9 months and are excited about the future

Sarah and Scott Perry – They’ve raised recurring revenue 7X in just 9 months and are excited about the future

Matt Wattles – “He struggled to get new clients in the door. Now he’s added 16 new long-term clients and 2x his monthly revenue in just 60 days”

Matt Wattles is more excited about the future than ever. He’s got a new confidence in his ability to bring in more clients.

Erin Howard – She settled for ‘just enough.’ Now she’s tripled her revenue and runs her business from overseas.

After a surprising twist of fate, Erin broke through her limits and built a solid foundation to grow beyond herself.

Jim Ridley – “He was in debt, overweight, and depressed. Now he’s thriving in business and life.”

After an initial boom-and-bust, Jim Ridley took the harder, steeper path to rebuilding–and became the successful business owner he always wanted to be.

Tanja Shaw: What’s next? From success to unhappiness to an evolved business vision

Tanja Shaw, owner of Ascend Fitness, Chilliwack, BC, started out as an independent personal trainer. Afraid to pursue her dreams, she enlisted help with NPE. After that decision, she grew her business to $55k-$60k in monthly revenue and hired/trained a staff of seven.

Jim Ridley: Once in debt, overweight, and depressed, now he’s thriving in business and life

Jim Ridley has been an NPE client since 2011. In his first year, Jim experienced explosive growth, going from $18k a year to $165k a year. But he rested on his laurels, over-spent (and went into $20k in debt), and sales began to slide. Unprofitable years and sleepless nights followed.

Craig Culkin: Father of three 5x cash in 12 months

When you need to provide for your family, and the chips are stacked against you, you really find out what you’re made of. With three daughters under 27 months old, new debt from buying out a business partner (under adversarial circumstances), and starting up a business from scratch, Craig Culkin of The Rock Fitness, Jersey, U.K., had his work cut out for him.

Craig, a confident football manager and fitness coach, had never been running a business completely on his own until a year ago. He was unsure of the way forward. A year later, Craig is NPE’s 2017 U.K./Europe Client of the Year. Watch him discuss how he grew his business five-fold in a year and earned that award!

From Exhausted Software Engineer to Successful Pole Dance Studio Owner: How Karry Levine 6X Her Client Base in 17 Months

Here Karry recounts how NPE helped her take the steps that turned around her business and how one success after another grew her confidence in her ability to get results. After 17 months as an NPE client, both her studios now make a 40% net profit. Revenues have more than tripled. And starting at 50 members, she now has 315. As a result, NPE clients in the Asia-Pacific region have voted her 2017 NPE Asia-Pacific Client of the Year.

Erin Howard: How she went from ‘small, limited dreams’ to ‘big achievements’

Hear Erin tell her whole amazing story, how she doubled her initial goals (and shortened her time frame to achieve them), and why she was a finalist for 2017 NPE Client of the Year in the FAST-TRACK™ program.

Jose Briceno: Overcoming people-pleasing to build an award-winning fitness business

Jose Briceno, owner of LUX Personal Training, Clarks Summit, PA, is 2017 NPE Client of the Year for the VIP ACADEMY™ group. Jose first met up with NPE at a previous employer. He implemented the AUTO-CLOSER® sales system and that boosted his sales. Later, he started his own business, and joined NPE right from the beginning. Starting with just three clients and minimal revenue in July 2015, he took that to more than $100,000 a year by July 2016. (His revenues have since doubled again.)