A Division I discus thrower, a weightlifter, Highland Games competitor, and Weight Pentathlon record holder, Dan John is a best-selling expert on fitness and performance. His story includes overcoming a grisly wrist injury. He has a unique simple-but-not-easy approach of doing what is necessary, and that “more” is not always productive, just more.
Australian professional beach volleyball player and 2000 Olympic gold medalist Kerri Pottharst offers her insights into winning at the world-class level. Those insights included recovery from a serious injury, what rehabilitation takes, life in an Olympic Village, and how some of the world’s greatest athletes engage in disciplined eating and then gorge after their events are over.
NPE CEO Sean Greeley believes all problems are leadership problems. In this keynote address, he shares his insights into the self-awareness necessary to lead yourself and how that’s the foundation required before you can lead anyone else. Hear him explain how fitness business owners need to consistently work on developing their leadership skill sets, both for leading ourselves and leading others, because they will inevitably get stuck somewhere and -- developing leadership skills will get them “unstuck”.
Pete Cohen is a motivational speaker, former personal trainer, and serial entrepreneur who built a weight-loss program that he sold for £2.5 million. He credits coaching with helping him to overcome his fear of stepping out to take chances, setting the stage for his subsequent success.
The fitness industry is filled with “millions of little islands”--business owners trying to figure everything out on their own--but the more the owners get together, the stronger they’ll all be. Hear Jake Steinfeld, actor, fitness trainer, and founder of Body by Jake, FitTV, and Major League Lacrosse offer his thoughts on overcoming obstacles such as stuttering, and the importance of “Don’t Quit!” as a philosophy that creates later success.
Jake Steinfeld tells his entrepreneurial story and recommends thinking of your fitness business as a “lean horse for a long race.” If you’re passionate and there’s a plan, and you’re willing to build a foundation to build your brand, you will succeed in time. Jake would know: He is an actor, fitness trainer, and founder of Body by Jake, FitTV, and Major League Lacrosse.
His mother brutally murdered when he was a child, motivational speaker Richard McCann speaks on tragic losses, unproductive responses to them, and authentic presentation and public speaking
In this video, Dan explains that pursuing your dreams is full of obstacles, and explains what will drive you over those obstacles.
Tony Horton, the creator of fitness program P90X says exactly what he thinks as he describes his modest start in the fitness industry, his real motivations, and how too many fitness business owners fail to walk the talk, especially on nutrition. Are you modeling the correct nutritional practices? See what Tony Horton has to say.
James Fitzgerald, the founder of OPEX and winner of the 2007 CrossFit Games explains balance and self-mastery are keys to overcoming the counterproductive thoughts that downgrade your life experience. How much time you spend on negative judgments … or greed … or things that slow you up? Balance is not countering negative thoughts with positive thoughts, but instead detaching from both the lows and the highs.